I truly cannot believe I am writing this post. This workshop is a dream come true, and I am grateful to Andreea Șerban, owner of Milk & Honey Events, for the wonderful idea of merging our two universes, as well as Rapsodia Cake and The Yellow Creators for accepting to be a part of this beautiful story.

Andreea helped me achieve my second dream, which was to organise and present my own workshop, after I was successful in organising The Connecting Women Entrepreneurs series thanks to Oana Nicolae, Franchise Owner of Velocita America House.

So this is why I am constantly discussing the concept of women empowering women. Because it is a part of my daily existence. But first, let us see how it went at the Blooming After 30s Flower Workshop.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the women who attended our event—23 wonderful women. This result exceeded our initial expectations, so we decided to hold the workshop not only on Saturday but also on Sunday.

Before the workshop began, Andreea had the excellent idea of taking a few moments to have everyone introduce themselves. Despite our seemingly disparate professions, we share so much in common, and by keeping our hearts and minds open, we can learn from one another and be an inspiration to those around us.

After this special and intimate moment, the girls were able to indulge themselves by savouring the sweets Cristina and her Rapsodia Cake team had prepared for the occasion, while the Yellow Creators girls, Patricia and Maria, took photos to preserve the memories of their time together.

Flower Workshop with Andreea

Andreea started off the first part of the workshop by giving a lovely speech about flowers and showing the participants how to create a bouquet. This is one of the rare occasions when I have witnessed someone speaking so enthusiastically about their profession. Andreea is simply amazing, and I sincerely hope she is aware of the gift she possesses. Not only is she almost perfect with flowers, but she is also almost perfect when it comes to talking to people and explaining things. And I say almost, because we all know that perfection does not exist.

I am pretty sure all of the participants felt great during this workshop, which was similar to practicing active therapy. Working with flowers is a form of therapy in its own right.

Andreea will continue this series of workshops, so please visit her website, milkandhoney.ro, where she announces all of her events.

Blooming After 30s with Raluca

I was overcome with emotion during my speech on Saturday, and my voice trembled. Even though I spoke in front of over 150 people at the SocialPedia Event, it felt even more difficult when I did it in front of 15 women.

Every second, my Imposter Syndrome was with me. I feel very comfortable discussing my feelings and failures because this is who I am, but I am still struggling with a sense of expecting too much from myself. I considered that I had a mission to complete: those 23 women paid money to participate in this combined workshop, and they dedicated 3-4 hours of their Saturday or Sunday to be there, so how could I fail to meet their expectations?

But they participated in the discussion, spoke openly, and shared their own stories, failures, and wisdom, giving me the impression that, despite my fears and insecurities, I accomplished something meaningful at this workshop.

Indulge in sweets and more with Rapsodia Cake team

I do not like cakes, no matter what the occasion is. I usually eat a lot of chocolate and ice cream 🙂.

However, Rapsodia Cake sweets changed my mind and tastes. Cristina and her team's success can be attributed to pure love, passion, research, dedication, and, most importantly, respect for our senses. My favourite was the raspberry-fistic cake. I have even ordered one for myself at home.

All of the ladies who attended our workshop were astounded by the beauty and exquisite taste of Rapsodia Cake treats. Cristina is also amazing at setting up and decorating the cupcakes. It is simply an artistic expression.

Being a muse for the Yellow Creators team

A universe that celebrates all forms of beauty cannot be complete without photography. And I thought Maria and Patricia were the perfect photographers to join the team because I had previously worked with them and Rapsodia Cake on another project and loved it. And also because I enjoy bringing together people I admire and believe are a good fit, such as Andreea from Milk & Honey, Yellow Creators, and Rapsodia.

Patricia and Maria have a special chemistry that is absolutely necessary when building a team. It is something I noticed and appreciated because it is uncommon to witness such an extraordinary bond. They are also extremely cool, open-minded, and special women. Something I also value very much.

And the lovely Diana Cojocaru provided us with some exquisite vases from her collection, so the beauty truly encompassed all possible forms.

*On Saturday, I dressed in a Saudade dress (the pink one) and The Mad Shoes high heels, and on Sunday, I wore an Atelier Isabelle Vijiiac dress (the red one).

Blooming After 30s Workshop Partners