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Connecting Women Entrepreneurs, Volume 2

Find out more about the amazing ladies who attended the second edition.

Connecting Women Entrepreneurs, Volume 2
Connecting Women Entrepreneurs, Volume

Ups, I did it again! Last evening at Velocità America House was the second edition of my events - Connect Women Entrepreneurs.

I am utterly speechless and awed by the great, powerful, vulnerable, and inspiring ladies who have chosen to dedicate an evening to attend my event.

I am overjoyed that I am able to build a genuine community rather than just a series of events.

Just hear me out! I'm still working on gaining confidence in myself. On the other hand, I started almost two years ago with zero confidence and a smidgen of self-love.

So, if I can pull it off, you are capable of it as well!

I never thought I'd be the one organising my own event. Being as shy and self-conscious as I am, this is a huge breakthrough for me.

The wish

It is important for my little girl - Rita, 5 - to know that her mother admires and celebrates the achievements of other women. And that I am appreciated and admired by my female peers.

I want her to realise how important it is to admire other small girls and how she can grow by raising rather than reducing the voices of others.

I also want her to spend time with all of these lovely ladies who have been to my gatherings. And their children, who are raised on the same beliefs as I am raising her.

This is going to be my child's legacy. To be an empathic young girl, an open-minded woman who creates a universe of possibilities with a bunch of cool, smart, bold, and vulnerable women.

The event

The Connecting Women Entrepreneurs events are based on mellow vibes, no pressure (since we already have an overabundance of that), no rigid guidelines, just women gathering to share their personal experiences, strengths, and vulnerabilities, and discovering methods to create top-notch initiatives together.

As I've previously mentioned. My main purpose is to create an honest community. Us, the females, have the ability to and must accomplish more together. We're fortunate to have so many lovely women all around us. Let us appreciate them, let us encourage them to raise their voice for a good cause, let us cease hating each other.

We're not awful people in general, but we all have our transgenerational issues and insecurities that make us petty at times. No one is flawless. No, I am far from being perfect. I have a tendency to be overly critical (of myself, naturally), but even so, I try to better myself every single day.

To be more vulnerable would be terrifying. The thought of interacting with strangers fills us with anxiety. Some of the ladies who came to my event last week told me that this was a major turning point in their lives. Being around a group of unfamiliar women was really intimidating for them, since they are naturally reserved people. But right up until the last minute, they were chatting, joking, and generally having a great time.

It makes me happy to know that some of the women from the first session of Connecting Women Entrepreneurs are already collaborating.

I want to think of myself as the kind of woman who actively works to improve the world. It's difficult to beat the feeling you receive when someone praises you for making their day better.

I'm already planning the third round of my Connecting Women Events. :)

The inspiring women

So here are some of my favourite ladies to look up to. Prepare to expand the number of Instagram accounts you follow. They are some of the most beautiful, inspiring, and admirable women in Romania.

They were some of my guests at my second offline event in the Connecting Women Entrepreneurs series.

Oana Nicolae, franchise owner Velocita America House
Ioana Buru, Desene cu lumină
Ioana Țigănilă - IO Pilates
Cristiana Pantici, Zenobisme
Mădălina Avramescu, Made PR Agency, 7am Garden
Ema Baniță
Diana Enciu
Maria Pușcaș, Empejewelry
Maria Tureanu, Marie Nouvelle
Raluca Zamfir, Ran Communication
Alina Pitilina, Happy Family Design
Bianca Popa, 1988 Cultivating Spaces
Diana Toncea, 1988 Cultivating Spaces
Laura Coman,
Ecaterina Colasiz, Katerini Mou
Andra Raicu
Laura Calin
Alexa Bogatu, Euforia, Rezident
DeCorina Hats - Millinery
Carmen Harabagiu, Guerlain România
Soare Catalina
Ioana Enache, Poem Boem
Ana Barbu, Dormi, puiule, dormi
Constanța Mișcu, OTOTO
Ruxandra Micșunescu, Line Agency

Thank you so much for your trust, support, and the dose of inspiration I get from each of you.


And a huge thank you to Oana Ruxandra Nicolae , Patricia Iliescu , and the rest of the America House Team!

Thank you for the lovely photographs, Ioana Buru / Desene cu lumina

Thank you, Ralu Nițu, for this beautiful AIRE Official sweater!

Thank you for these lovely earrings, and for the cards, Diana Cojocaru !

Thank you, Alina Pitilina, Happy Family Design, for the flowers!

This event would not have been possible without you!

photos: Desene cu lumină


Velocita America House

Desene cu lumină

Happy Family Design