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Man, I'm feeling like a woman

The photo shoot that embraces the masculine-feminine duality.

Man, I'm feeling like a woman
The Young Nomads

Standing ovations are in order for Roxa and Eman, aka the Young Nomads, who have once again made me feel at ease in front of the camera.

The feminine energy that has been growing within me over the last several years is being celebrated in this new photo shoot.

The photographs highlight the feminine-masculine duality that each of us possesses. But it was time for me to unleash the feminine energy and feel more like a woman rather than encourage and reinforce the masculine traits that come with my strong personality.

Roxa and Eman are so professional, kind, and genuine that I forgot I was wearing so few clothes.

This journey was life-changing because it allowed me to discover parts of myself that I had no idea existed. It’s like I’ve been another person for so many years, and now I am unbecoming in order to be myself.

I have lost touch with my true identity due to the numerous guises I have been immersed in. At last, I feel comfortable enough to say it: I am a woman, and I love it. I have never experienced anything like this, as if I were truly reborn.

But here I am, still evolving.

Along this path of mine, I was lucky enough to encounter a few muses who served as sources of inspiration: Dana Sota, Aida Economu, Andreea Tocitu, Anca Lungu, Irina Moroșanu, Lilia Raicu, Ana Chitoran, and Raluca Mărginean.

I would like to thank these incredible women for believing in me and this shooting concept.

Raluca Nițu, AIRE Official. The Balanced Grey Cardigan in Virgin Wool, The Soft Italian Leather Boxing Shorts and The Stretch Leather Socks .

Diana Iordache, the Sense of Beauty Gallery. Almost all of the gorgeous jewellery is a selection curated by Diana for her The Sense of Beauty Gallery: Heritage Earrings Gold, Heritage Earrings Silver, Heritage Necklace Silver, Pearl Necklace Silver, Double Finger Pearls Ring 14K Gold.

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Delicate Lace. The delicate white bra, high-waisted panties.

My blazer is vintage, and I've bought it from Babaluna Store.

Styling by me, Raluca Nițu, and Diana Iordache.

Makeup: I am only wearing SUNSCREEN POWDER SPF50+ from Universkin.