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Melanie Lichtenschopf's take on fine living

A peaceful, lovely, and breezy summer day is the perfect analogy for this interview.

Melanie Lichtenschopf's take on fine living

I recently discovered Melanie's Instagram account, and it felt like an online oasis just right to soothe my anxiety or satisfy my desire for a slow, fine aesthetic.

I admire those who can see the good and the beautiful in the midst of daily chaos, such as a bad day at work, because we all have ups and downs in our lives.

Since I have only just started on this path and have a long way to go before I can claim to have mastered the art of slow and fine living—a concept to which I can only aspire—I am eager to learn about other people’s experiences and share them with my community in the hopes that we can all learn to do more than just exist; to stop rushing from one thing to another and instead savour each moment.

Time should wait for us to enjoy it, not push us from behind to miss all that really matters.

Who is Melanie Lichtenschopf?

I am 34 years old, and I live in Vienna. I work as a Social Media Manager and Digital Creator in the areas of interior, food, and slow living.

Your Instagram feed appears to be the epitome of slow and fine living. Tell me more about your universe, adorned with creativity, an eye for beauty, and a desire for delicious and healthy food. How do you cultivate the art of fine living?

First, I have to say that on Instagram, you only ever see a very small and curated excerpt of a person's life.

My life isn’t always calm and pretty, but I try to see something beautiful in the little things, and I am a very creative person who has always been interested in aesthetics, good food, and photography.

It is also very important to me to take the speed out of everyday life, and I'm happy to inspire other people to do the same.

You also frequently post images of slow food. Please share with me a few of your favourite dishes.

My favorite dishes change, and I love trying new combinations of food (there are so many good restaurants in Vienna that never disappoint).

But here are some dishes that never get old (recipes are on my Instagram account):

  • Buchteln with strawberries;
  • Fresh bread with whipped lemon butter;
  • Homemade pizza with seasonal vegetables, sprouts, and herbs

I adored those Instagram posts of yours that featured Vienna interior design boutiques. So I would love to hear about your enthusiasm for home decor.

A home is such a special and important place, so I want to make it as comfortable as possible.

In our home, you can find a lot of furniture from sustainable brands and design pieces, as well as finds from the flea market. I love combining these to create a home that reflects us.

I'd like to learn more about berei.sen. It seems like an ode to nature lovers.

It is! It should be a platform for anyone who also likes to spend time in nature, travel, and discover beautiful places.

Spending time in nature is empowering, and we want to share places/ hotels/ and excursions with the people who connect with that.

This year, we will be traveling to many beautiful places, and you can follow everything on be.rei.sen.

Tell me about some of the best restaurants and tourist spots you have seen on your travels.

When I was in Mallorca, I visited a wonderful restaurant that I would like to visit again, CA NA TO NE TA.


Casa Balandra, also in Mallorca, is a guest house and creative studio.

Casa Balandra

What do you think the relationship between clothes and a good state of mind and spirit is?

I think that clothing can be an expression of how you feel or want to feel. On some days, clothes help you feel better.

While I was living in Bucharest, Romania, I founded Connecting Women Entrepreneurs, a series of events honouring exceptional Romanian women entrepreneurs. Now I want to turn this into an international community. So, I was wondering if you could recommend any inspirational women.

There are many inspiring women around me. Here are a few wonderful women who I have been following on Instagram for a long time and who inspire me a lot:

Nuria Val (frecklesnur)
Founder of
ROWSE, a plant-based beauty

Nike van Dinther (nikejane)
Writer, Digital Creatot, Mum and much more

Alice Moireau (alicemoireau)
Founder of "Table,“ a playful tableware brand

*Photos: Melanie's archive

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