When it comes to shoes, specifically high heels, I have a terrible story. When I was a little girl, I wanted to wear dresses and elegant shoes, but my mother had other plans for me: short hair and boys' clothes.

When I reached the age where I could choose my own clothing, I could already feel the masculine energy within me, which reflected in many aspects of my life, including my wardrobe choices. So, until my 30s, I did not wear dresses or high heels unless absolutely necessary.

But I did not enjoy it at all; I have always felt awkward and clumsy. Super awkward. And high heels? Oh, man, I did not feel like a woman at all. I wasn’t even able to walk properly. I was like a five-year-old girl trying on her mother's heels. Funny, but not really.

However, after giving birth to my daughter at the age of 31, something changed. I cannot explain why, but I felt compelled to express my feminine energy by wearing dresses and heels. Now, I have a small collection that consists mostly of made-in-RO items, a few high-heeled sandals from a friend, and the pièce de résistance: my new high-heeled shoes from The Mad Shoes, another Romanian brand.

I felt great wearing them to my fifth Connecting Women Entrepreneurs event. The 10cm heel caused no discomfort, which is quite remarkable for a woman like me who has no tradition in this regard.

I own a simple, side-cut-out high-heeled fuchsia satin pump with a high-quality leather interior. Now you know how much I adore handcrafted items such as clothing, jewellery, and shoes. So knowing that each pair of Mads is handcrafted gives me great joy.

Another thing that caught my attention for this brand was the finest collaboration with my dear artist, Diana Cojocaru. Georgiana, the owner of The Mad Shoes, and Diana created a custom cut-out high-heel fuchsia satin pump with a one-of-a-kind porcelain accessory designed by Diana.

As you are aware (or so I hope), I never promote products that I do not believe in. I am not an influencer (which is not a bad thing), but rather a storyteller who shares with her community what she loves. Sometimes we talk about paid collaborations, and sometimes I do it for free, but I always speak the truth. It is non-negotiable. So is the case with this stunning pair of Mad Shoes high heels.

Georgiana, The Mad Shoes owner

You can order your favourite pair with my discount codes: Raluca15 for simple pairs and Raluca20 for those with exquisite accessories.

MAD Shoes
Made by footwear artisans, in collaboration with local artists! Custom satin high heels, available in limited-edition capsule collections.