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The enchanting secret of a modern Mademoiselle

The Versatile fire-enamel Monochrome Bracelet

The enchanting secret of a modern Mademoiselle

A modern Mademoiselle's Tale

In my experience, as I am sure it is for many of you, the typical day consists of juggling multiple tasks. My days are filled with being a mother, a friend who loves to hang out with her gals, and an errand-runner. Aside from being a wife and mother, there are moments when I simply require time to myself.

For a long time, I was a woman who, as you may know, was never completely at ease in her feminine skin; I was not always in the mood to wear my best jewellery and other accessories. My perspective on self-care, self-love, and self-development changed after becoming a mother and recovering from burnout.

So, regardless of what activities I have planned for the day, I enjoy wearing dresses or something that makes me feel feminine from the inside out. Because I am sometimes in a hurry—yes, I moved to Spain to relax a little; I am still working on it because I have not reached that point in my life—I occasionally forget to bring an accessory with me. As a result, I keep one or two pieces in my bag that can be paired with any outfit. Something like the FREYWILLE Monochrome Bangle. I love how versatile this piece is, as well as the story behind this jewellery house (which I wrote about here).

Running errands

Whenever I need to go to Estepona, San Pedro, or Marbella for various errands, I prefer to wear something light and comfortable. As summer approaches, temperatures on the Costa del Sol rise. So a white dress seems like the ideal choice. I paired this simple outfit with a pair of red flats and FREYWILLE's Monochrome Bangle in pastel blue. And, as you can see from the photos below, I felt very feminine and confident in my own skin.

Take time for yourself

I occasionally require some alone time. I enjoy strolling through the streets of our village, Genalguacil, or another nearby village like Algatocin, where I captured the images below.

I put on a wrap flower dress, a wicked basket, and a made-to-measure hat to complete my ideal outfit, which is embellished with the Monochrome bracelet in blue pastel. I could walk for hours and only stop to take photos because all of the white villages in this area are very Instagrammable.

Monochrome-bordered Bangle Mademoiselle

I do not own much jewellery because I only like pieces that are truly remarkable, not only in design but also in the story behind the brand. We all know I am obsessed with storytelling.

Each item of my minimalist jewellery possesses that special something that elevates it to the status of a statement-maker. This also applies to Monochrome Bangle by FREYWILLE. Crafted from fire-enamel and embellished with 24kt gold plating, this bracelet is very much worth owning.

I have it in Pastel Blue, but it comes in Mint, Fiery Red, Midnight Black, Ivory, Rosa Candy, and other colours. What is even more fun and interesting is that you can combine multiple bracelets to create a spectacular yet sophisticated look.

My favourites are also Fiery Red and Mint. Discover all the models here: Mademoiselle Bangles. By the way, new colours will soon be available! I'll keep you posted!

Busy mom

Last Friday, we spent the entire afternoon in Marbella, taking pictures, laughing, eating pizza at a beachside restaurant, and strolling the lovely, crowded streets with locals and tourists. Rita and I both have our favourite activities.

I wore a short jumpsuit with a white t-shirt. My hair was tangled from the strong wind, but I did not mind. Motherhood is not always posh and pink. At the very least, the Monochrome bracelet added an air of elegance to this otherwise unglamorous outfit.

Going out with the girls

I enjoy hanging out with other women, having fun, and socialising, especially now that we have moved to Spain, where meeting new people is essential for our well-being. So, a long dress and high heels are my go-to attire for this occasion. I wore a long wrap dress with flowers, pink shoes, and my beloved Pastel Blue bracelet.

These four ensembles are appropriate for four different occasions, but they all share a common piece of jewellery that complements each one perfectly. And I think that is pretty amazing for a woman who is juggling all of these activities throughout the day without having time to change her jewellery.

The enchanting secret of a modern Mademoiselle? Beyond any doubt, FREYWILLE's Monochrome Bangle.

In Bucharest, you can shop for your favourite FREYWILLE pieces at one of two stores: Calea Victoriei 63-81, Radisson Blu Hotel, Șos. București-Ploiești 42D Baneasa Shopping City. Of course, online too, here -

*This article is part of a fantastic project with a brand that I deeply and truly admire: FREYWILLE.