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Handcrafted jewellery as the epitome of beauty

The Sense of Beauty curated jewellery will be available at the Noël Christmas fair in Bucharest on December 16th and 17th.

Handcrafted jewellery as the epitome of beauty
Gorgeous Diana by Dimitris Maofis

Needless to say, Diana Iordache is the epitome of beauty, in my opinion. Her personal universe and her carefully curated jewellery gallery are the reason for my second interview with Diana, one of my online and real-life muses.

I was and am fortunate enough to wear some of Diana's curated jewellery, and I can tell you this: there is no way you can feel this special and beautiful—wearing no makeup, no hair done, only simple yet quality attire - wearing made in China or other mass-produced jewellery.

But when you put on these profoundly beautiful pieces handcrafted by artists, your personal story becomes a fairytale of taste and style. Because what we wear on the outside—clothes, jewellery, accessories, and shoes—is a reflection of what is inside us—our emotions, feelings, and ourselves.

So please indulge your senses and your good taste with exquisite jewellery-like pieces of art, as well as with an inspiring story of an entrepreneur and a woman whom I greatly admire and cherish. And I hope that after reading this interview, you will as well.

PS: For the upcoming Christmas, you can order your favourite pieces via, with shipping available in Romania. The Sense of Beauty curated jewellery will be available at the Noël Christmas fair in Bucharest on December 16th and 17th, too.

"Discover our curated line-up of handcrafted jewellery, selected to inspire emotions and celebrate individuality" is your invitation to all those with a sense of beauty. It has been almost a year since our initial interview; please update me on the latest artists and their jewellery.

The Sense of Beauty portfolio has expanded significantly since our last interview, featuring new and acclaimed designers. Raluca Buzura, a Romanian-born designer based in Spain, has been creating ceramic jewellery for over a decade and is cherished by collectors worldwide. I must confess that I was one of her clients long before establishing my gallery.

Our pearl collection is growing with the collaboration of two highly experienced designers with almost 30 years of craftsmanship, creating complementary designs that range from classic to contemporary. Dolly Boucoyannis combines pearls, diamonds, and gems with unconventional materials like pebbles, while Maria Psarianou primarily focuses on pearls.

Another notable addition to the gallery is Theodora D., who recently received the Best Designer of the Year award at Inhorgenta Munich. Her jewellery features shapes, volume, and contrasts. The Sense of Beauty's selection includes unique pieces with fluid shapes from collections like Flamenco, as well as simpler designs revolving around concepts such as Milky Way or Full Moon.

Hailing from New York, Ausra Bankauskaite, a Lithuanian-born artist, introduces the concept of modular jewellery. Her contemporary pieces bridge the worlds of art objects and jewellery, focusing on structure and functionality, resulting in minimalist modular jewellery that can be worn in various ways.

What is it like to be a woman in business today? You could have easily bought jewellery from China to resell, so why did you decide to collect jewellery made by artists instead?

To be a woman in business is both beautiful and challenging, like life itself. Overall, I feel confident about my path in a way I can't explain, and I don't want to lack modesty. I love what I do, and even though I have less experience in the domain than passion for jewellery, I feel like I know exactly where I am headed. Knowing that I help designers promote and sell their beautiful creations gives me a sense of purpose.

Maybe this is why I feel so confident about my path, because when you give, the universe gives back to you! COVID closed many galleries, shops, or jewellery fairs around the world that hadn't embraced digital quickly and lost the competition battle.

Independent designers need businesses like mine to continue to exist.

China is tempting, but no, thank you! And when I say tempting, I am only referring to the prices. But you never think only about prices when you sell a product or build a business, right? It's not sustainable.

People don't buy products; they buy stories.

It's more appealing to hear who made the piece, how the artist was inspired to create it, how it was handcrafted, or what materials were used. Knowing if it's a limited edition or a one-of-a-kind piece is more important than its super affordable price made in China, right?

I had the chance to visit a factory in China once, not for jewellery, and honestly, I was shocked to see the conditions in which people work there: very polluted and toxic. It's not right and not in line with my values.

I am promoting jewellery and artists that I love and wear myself too. My choices are for the kind of woman who embraces individuality, who is looking to differentiate from the masses or trends, who is opinionated and confident in her own skin.

Gorgeous Diana by Dimitris Maofis

These days, the phrase "quiet luxury" is frequently used. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this idea and how you think it might change the way people view the fashion industry.

Quiet luxury became a trend this year, but the notion is not new; it has existed for ages. A concept that praises craftsmanship and very qualitative materials meant to last and remain relevant for a lifetime or even more. I am all for it because it prioritises jewellery quality over quantity, it is sustainable, and it's all about timeless beauty.

And it is so much in line with our jewellery line: artistry and craftsmanship are above brands, and creativity and innovation are above trends.

Gorgeous Diana by Dimitris Maofis

I adore jewellery made from pearls. In The Sense of Beauty Gallery, what are the most sought-after items by female customers?

Pearls are the symbols of natural beauty; they are both delicate and feminine, while the multiple layers of nacre make them strong and unique. There are many similarities with the essence of a woman, right? And many powerful women are choosing them; they are symbols of Aphrodite, Eve, and Cleopatra. Do you think it's a coincidence that you adore them? I don't think so.

One of the most beloved pieces of jewellery in the gallery is the pearl and diamond ring designed by Dolly Boucoyannis. I also wear it every day, and I know I wanted it for many years before I even had the gallery. Did I convince you?

The pearl and diamond ring designed by Dolly Boucoyannis

But besides this ring, women also adore the wrapped pearl earrings in 14K gold designed by Maria Psarianou. And, of course, the drop earrings designed by Aliki Stroumpouli are another go-to for many women, while the totem dog earrings designed by Pavlina Verouki are preferred for their spectacular design.

What unites the jewellery you have carefully selected?

Oh...I could say it's a sense of beauty!😊 My choices reflect a blend of personal taste and more. I strive to select pieces that strongly convey design, introduce something new, or are timeless yet contemporary.

Many of the designers I collaborate with have earned a place in museums or received international recognition through various publications.

I have a lot of admiration and respect for brands that invest in telling great stories and taking amazing photos. Entrepreneurs like you spread beauty in a variety of other forms and areas, so it is never just about the products. Tell me why you choose to invest time, money, and energy in professional photoshoots.

I value your admiration for brands that invest in storytelling and exceptional photography. For The Sense of Beauty, which operates as a digital gallery, consumer interaction occurs through screens.

Since people can't experience our jewellery up close, touch it, or try it on, professional photoshoots are essential. They help us showcase our products as close to reality as possible, conveying our brand's identity, craftsmanship, and unique beauty.

Through high-quality photography, we create a compelling visual story, fostering a strong and lasting connection with our customers by emphasising the artistry and dedication behind our creations.

Several Romanian and international trade fairs have featured The Sense of Beauty this year. Tell me more about your experience. And I would like to know when and where you will be in Bucharest this December.

I have a great fondness for jewellery fairs. They provide me with the opportunity to engage directly with my audience, and I genuinely enjoy conversing with my clients.

It's a source of pure pleasure for me, and I don't find these events tiring, even when they can be. I'm fortunate to have a high-quality clientele with whom I thoroughly enjoy interacting. They can be my friends.

This upcoming December, between 16th and 17th, I'll be participating in Noël, a renowned Christmas fair in Bucharest featuring designer products.

And, since we are already talking about December, please recommend some one-of-a-kind gifts that my community and I can buy for our loved ones on

One-of-a-kind pieces are truly unique because they are crafted entirely by the artists and involve extensive research, careful thought, considerable time, and a great deal of energy.

They may also feature exclusive materials, like rare pearls or unique pebbles that cannot be replicated. The most wonderful aspect is knowing that no one else can possess the same piece. However, this exclusivity comes with a price that reflects all the dedication and effort put into their creation.

Here are two such examples:

The Pearl & Pebble Diamond 18k Gold Ring, designed by Dolly Boucoyannis, is inspired by the ant beach and it is entirely created by her. Each version of this ring is one of kind because the colour and the shape of the pearl and the pebble are unique each time. The same goes for the Pearl &Pebble Diamond 18K Gold Necklace.

Another example is the Flamenco Flower Earrings which are also entirely done by hand, and the result is always a bit different.

Your noble universe is completed by Do you ship throughout Europe?

We ship our products not only across Europe but also worldwide. I take great pride in sending some of our pieces to destinations as far away as Japan or New Zealand.