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Connecting Women Entrepreneurs 4

Find out more about the amazing ladies who attended the fourth edition.

Connecting Women Entrepreneurs 4
Anca Blaj, Lali Wear; Lilia Raicu, Spot Flower Design

The event

The Connecting Women Entrepreneurs events, as stated in previous articles (First Edition, Second Edition, Third Edition), have a relaxed atmosphere. There are no speeches or presentations. Only an uplifting community of women gathering, interacting, and making genuine connections.

Again, the best part of the event was that there were no photos. The women had such a strong and deep bond that they forgot about their phones and instead had fun, genuine conversations.

This, in my opinion, says a lot about the event and how significant it is to me.

We only took a few photos with my phone. Ioana Buru did not bring her camera because she needed & deserved a break.

Actually, the vibe, the feedback, and the entire event were so wonderful that I managed to have a panic attack until the end of this edition. I swear, I was and still am so overwhelmed by this series of events that I did not think I was capable of doing them or of creating this amazing community, and I dropped.

This year has been absolutely incredible for me, both personally and professionally. It defined who I am and aided me in determining what my legacy should be. I am not an influencer (which is not a bad thing); I am simply a woman with good taste in people, things, and places who loves, adores, and promotes them for free or for a fee.

What you see here and on my Instagram account is mostly done out of love and goodwill. Of course, I appreciate the paid collaborations (they pay my bills and help my ego, I will not lie), but most of what you see, read, and appreciate here is done because I want to give back some of the good I have received this year.

Even though I will be moving to Spain next spring, my deep admiration for these incredible women and their brands or businesses will continue. Their voices will be heard around the world. That’s a promise.

The inspiring women

So here are some of my favourite ladies to look up to. Prepare to expand the number of Instagram accounts you follow. They are some of the most beautiful, inspiring, and admirable women in Romania.

They were some of my guests at my second offline event in the Connecting Women Entrepreneurs series.

Oana Nicolae, franchise owner Velocita America House
Ioana Buru, Desene cu lumină
Andreea Cărare- Lia Lin
Georgiana- Noria Anis
Alina Voloceai- Manufaktura Studio
Patricia și Maria- The Yellow Creators
Alexandra Badea- namastayzenrituals
Mihaela Moisa- Ipanomi
Roxana Badilița- The Young Nomads
Alexa Bogatu - Euforia
Mihaela - Uplift Society
Ilinca Marcu - Minu Events
Bianca Grin
Andrada Crânguș- INLIN GARAGE
Olesea- Maison Mimino
Loredana Tătaru
Lilia Raicu- Spot Flower Design, Arc Maison
Rapsodia Cake
Bianca Zavera- @highcare.bucuresti
Ana Chitoran
Andrada Falcoi
Ana Marginean- Super Tanti
Diana Iordache- The Sense of Beauty Gallery
Anca Blaj- Lali Wear
Alexandra Jitariuc
Cristina Andrei- Eva's Flower
Veronica Clothing
Ana Conache- Frey Wille
Alina Dănăilă Events
Vanilla Roads
Muna Radu
Alina Pitilina - Happy Family Design
Raluca - Alura
Diana- DiFine PR
Gabriela- Franui

Thank you so much for your trust, your support, and the dose of inspiration I get from each of you.


My dress is from LaliWear. I also wore Diana Cojocaru ring, Zea et Sia earrings and ring, 𝐄𝐦𝐩𝐞́ 𝐉𝐞𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐫𝐲 necklace.

A huge thank you to Oana Ruxandra Nicolae, Patricia Iliescu, and the rest of the America House Team!

Thank you for your support. Ioana Buru / Desene cu lumina

Thank you, Alina Pitilina, Happy Family Design, for the flowers!

This event would not have been possible without you!


Velocita America House

Desene cu lumină

Happy Family Design

Diana Cojocaru